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    Robert Ogden


    Let me just say love your product and gives a designer more functionality then what is currently considered out of box. I do have a question finally got the vLookup configured on the parent list and I am able to find the child list. To my understanding that when vlookup is setup correctly data can cross and populate between the two lists? If so do you have to set vlookup on the child list to point towards the parent?



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    Robert Ogden


    So sorry for all the questions but once the parent and child are connected is there a way to see all content on one form even including was posted on the child form?


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    Alexander Bautz

    I’m not sure I understand, but you can use vLookup both from the parent to the child and the other way around – as long as you have a field / value you can use to set up the query in the vLookup config.

    Regarding populating values between parent and child: The default functionality lets you set values in the child item when you create it from the “Add new child” in your parent form. If you need to transfer values back to the parent when editing the child, you must use Custom JS. You will find some information in the forum.

    One last note: the information about children that shows in your form only “lives” in your browser – drawn on the fly by the script. This means you cannot for example export list contents to Excel and include the vLookup child items.


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