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      It would be very useful to be able to pack more content into a vLookup display without taking up additional screen real estate by using the Preview Item on Hover solution. Especially for multiple lines of text fields that end up breaking a nice one-line-per-row table layout.

      I’ve tried to do it several times with the current solutions but I can’t get them to work together.

      Thanks for your consideration!

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      Alexander Bautz

      You can set the max-height of the multiline field with this CSS snippet in the “Special configuration”:


      If you however want to have a preview function you need to put some code in list view (in a Script editor web part).

      function preview_vLookup(val,item){
       	return "<img src='/_layouts/images/GORTLV4.PNG' onmouseover='this.nextSibling.style.display = \"block\"' onmouseout='this.nextSibling.style.display = \"none\"'><div style='display:none;background-color:#ffffff;position:absolute;border:1px #cccccc solid;padding:5px;'>"+val+"</div>"; 

      Then add this to the “Special configuration” of the rich text column in the vLookup config (replacing the CSS from the first example):


      Let me know how this works out.


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      Thanks so much… you provide such excellent support! This works perfectly, and helps me understand the mechanics of how to do it. I need to make some adjustments for my site. If I come up with anything useful I will post it here.


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