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      I currently have 2 lists both with DFFS installed. I have several fields on the parent list setup to autofill fields (of the same names) on the child list. All fields but one autofill on the child list without issue. The only field that throws an error is a people Picker field. The user enters a name in the people picker field on the parent list (Parent field name: Assignee) and clicks on the Add Tasks button which opens the new form in the child list. The child list new form opens and the people picker field (Assignee) in the child list populates with the value listed in the parent form but it is accompanied with the error “Multiple entries matched, please click to resolve.” The user has to clear the field and re-enter the name in order to successfully submit the form. I have attached screen shots of both the parent list field & the child form. I have also attached a screen shot of the vlookup settings. Both Assignee fields are People Picker fields. Any help with this error is greatly appreciated :).

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      Alexander Bautz

      Does this happen for all users?

      It might be an issue with uses with similar name (same first or last name), or a problem with same users is multiple domains in your AD.

      Look at the user information list in your site collection by browsing here and see if your have multiple entries for this user:


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