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      Mike Ickes

      I am using vLookup v1.65 with SharePoint 2013. We had vLookup in place on a couple display forms and the In URL row was set to fill the New Item form for the child item with a field or two of data from the current item.

      This functionality was working as expected until recently. There were no changes made to the vLookup setup, and to my knowledge, the only change to the SharePoint farm was that we installed Service Pack 1 (v 15.0.4569.1000).

      Now, the child New Item form does not pull in any data from the parent item, on existing vLookup setups, and I cannot get it to work when adding vLookup to other forms either. Is there any known issue with SharePoint 2013 SP1?

      Any input is appreciated.


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      Alexander Bautz

      There are no issues thet I’m aware of. Do you get any errors in the developer console (hit F12 > Console)?


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      Mike Ickes

      There are no errors in the developer tools console, on either form. I am pretty certain that the configurations are correct, and every other aspect of vLookup is working properly. It is just not pulling any information into the child item for the other list.

      There is a third location in the site collection where vLookup is being used, and this one seems to be pulling information from the parent list into the child list form, as expected. The settings all look the same across the board–just doesn’t seem to be working in the other two locations. Heard anything like this before?


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      Mike Ickes

      Actually, I just figured it out. I was missing the reference to the vLookup code on the child list new item form. Thanks for the reply though Alexander.

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