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      Paul Lynch

      Hi Alex,

      – I’ve got latest production release of DFFS.
      – Have library 1 and library 2 setup with DFFS.
      – I’m using SP2013/O365
      – My vLookup is working in that I can click button, get dialogue and add documents to library 2 (note I am not using and folders)
      – However on my Library 1 – view properties form or editform the vlookup does not render any information about the child items. Just appears blank (i.e. does not say no items found).
      – The refresh button is visible and clicking seems to do something hidden but nothing still returned.

      I’ve tried various things in the “Viewfields” section ensuring I am using the internal fieldname.

      Write your own CAML-query = blank
      Rowlimit = blank
      Show more items label = blank
      Limit the height of the child table = blank
      Order by = ID
      ViewFields = Field: Title (to keep it simple).

      I’ve checked using F12 in developer console and there is an error:
      SCRIPT5: Access is denied
      File: SuiteServiceProxy.aspx, Line: 1, Column: 1

      Many Thanks,

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      Paul Lynch

      additional screenshots added here..

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      Paul Lynch

      I think I might have found a clue to the issue.

      In the Parent library 1 – the vlookupTHISISID column is blank.
      In the Child library 2 – the vLookupParentID column is also blank.

      In other working vlookup lists these should have a format like this 28:1487311669532 with the first number being the ID.

      I’m not sure why this is not populating though!

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      Alexander Bautz

      In the parent library, the column for the vLookupID must be named exactly: “_vLookupID” because the vLookup script is generating this ID if this column is present.

      Then use this column in the “Build query” section in vLookup setup.

      Then you must ensure you populate the “_vLookupParentID” in the child with the “_vLookupID” from the parent in the “Add new item” > “Prefill values in child” section of the vLookup setup.

      Hope this helps,

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