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      Kristen Moore

      Hi Alexander,
      Is there a way to determine which vLookup column triggered the vlookupChildAddedCallback() function? Our “parent” list has multiple vLookup columns set up, however we only want to run the code in the vlookupChildAddedCallback function for one of the vLookup columns. Currently the function is triggered when a child is added to any of the vLookup fields. Is there a way to check which vLookup is triggering the function, or a way to have separate callback functions for each vLookup column?

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      Alexander Bautz

      The callback from “vlookupChildAddedCallback” does not have any information about the form it return from, but you can use “vlookupAddChildPreCheck” to keep track of it – like this:

      var current_vLookup_fin = "";
      function vlookupAddChildPreCheck(fin){
          current_vLookup_fin = fin;
          return true;
      function vlookupChildAddedCallback(){
          if(current_vLookup_fin === "vLookupTasks"){
              // The fin is vLookupTasks - do shomething


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      Kristen Moore

      This works perfectly. Thanks so much Alexander! Really appreciate your help.

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