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      When i add your suggested code to the vLookup list view code (in my CEWP or HTML Form Web Part):

      <script type="text/javascript">
      var vLookupListViewTracker = "";
      	if(location.hash.indexOf("InplviewHash") > -1 && location.hash !== vLookupListViewTracker){
      		vLookupListViewTracker = location.hash;

      then with this fix the behavior of the inplaceview is much better now. it works with a single listview-paging Action or a single list-box-search Action. But the fix gets broken and the context to the vLookup gets lost, when i use the inplaceview (Paging or List-Search-Box) twice without pagerefresh

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      Hello Alexander,

      I have noticed the same “problem” which schneidka described above. Everytime I use the list-box-search twice, vLookup does not work anymore. After one search you have to go to the startpage to search for an new item, otherwise the vLookup is completely emtpy.

      Is there any possibilty using a workaround or to fix the problem?

      All in all you are doing such a great job, your solutions are excellent!!

      Thank you very much, best wishes from Germany

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