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      Jeremy Acker

      Hello there,

      I’m working on a project that has a list on a sharepoint.com site and am trying to use a vlookup to talk to a separate list that’s located on a sharepointapps.com site.

      I know the vlookup view and edit buttons will not work once the link is setup as clicking the button will open a window with the wrong sharepoint URL, but the vlookup it self would function at least to show the items, or at least they did when using internet explorer.

      For some reason, both Edge and Chrome can’t seem to establish the connection at all. In the DFFS editor, the verify the connection to the list just states “Failed to query the list” but provides no error string or code and the item it self just continuously try’s to load until it gives a time out error.

      The same item in IE immediately finds the item on the sharepointapps list. Any thoughts on how this could be fixed with IE being sunset? Or is this just not going to be doable?

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      Alexander Bautz

      I don’t think it is possible to have a cross domain query like this in any modern browser as it is regarded as a potential security issue. The reason it works in IE is because it does not have the same security features.


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      Jeremy Acker

      That makes sense, I assumed it was something like that. Appreciate the quick response!

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