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      Saikia Kashmiri

      Hi Alex – I am using DFFS v4.4.5.34 – October 15, 2021||spjs-utility version: 1.354|Loader version: v1 and Sharepoint Server 2016.
      I am using a single list of about 150 fields and creating a form with several tabs to receive inputs into various groups of fields.

      My issue is – all the tabs on the New Item form are limited within a smaller window inside the browser window and one has to use a scroll bar to access lower fields. Is there any way to get rid of this please?

      I can control the horizontal scroll bar since as I can avoid too much side by side placement – but I cannot control the vertical.

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      Alexander Bautz

      I think this is caused by the setting shown in the attachment. Turn it off and see if that helps.


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      Saikia Kashmiri

      Yes! That was it – Thank you. I kept using that setting because it did let the tabs be visible all the time – but I guess I cant have both.

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