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      I followed the installation guide and viewed the troubleshooting documentation at the end of the pdf, but my problem was not addressed in there. When I click at the bottom of my DFFS form it takes me to the web part page I created. Nothing shows up for me except the title of the web part which I created with the CEWP that points to my DFFS_backend_CEWP.js.aspx file. I never got that text within the Content Editor tell me that I had to have the URL parameters “tarletList”, “targetListBaseURL”, “formId” and “formType” in the URL to edit an item to show. What can I do to remedy this? Thanks!

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      Alexander Bautz

      I suspect you have the wrong URL to one or more of the files required for the backend, or that you have hidden the CEWP in the web part configuration.

      Do you get any errors in the developer console (hit F12 > Console)?

      Also, you should update to the latest version (currently v4.200).


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      You were absolutely right. I upgraded to version 4.2 and my reference to spjs-utility.js was not right. Thanks Alex!


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