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    Some time back I think you gave me some code that allowed me to define certain files shown using the “document library” feature with vLookup to open these files as files, not take the browser over. This works perfectly.

    I am using FileLeafRef as the link to open the file, and some files are images. Is there a way to make any of the links (including images) visible open in a new window and not takeover the browser?

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    Alexander Bautz

    To help you I need to see the code you are using now – can you attach it here?

    Please ensure you don’t include any sensitive information in the code snippet.


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      I just sent you an email with the code I am using to force certain file types to download.

      The title of this post is incorrect, so sorry about that. It should be: Opening links in a new window using the document library feature

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      Your emailed code worked perfectly, thank you!

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