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    David S Kaimann

    Hey there!

    When I use DFFS to pre-fill an Auto Complete field (in NewForm), the pre-filled data and helpText (from Auto Complete) try to compete with each other. Is there any function I can run on the NewForm to trigger the Auto Complete field to update / check?


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    David S Kaimann

    Just following up on this one. Is there any way to trigger this field to “blur” or force the Autocomplete to start? If I try to prefill just this one field using the vLookup “Add new item”, i’d ideally like to have this autocomplete field perform the autocomplete when the form is ready.

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    Peter Giesselink

    Ever got an answer to this question?
    I have a comparable question:
    Trigger Autocomplete after filling it via vlookup prefilling (or Custom JS) with a valid value which triggers the setValues inside the Ac function.

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