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    Juraj Benak

    Just wanted to clarify the upgrade process as I don’t want to lose access to the existing comments.

    1) update all the setings in spjs-cBox_CEWP.html
    2) change the list to the old commentbox list or keep the new one?

    In one of the releases you mention that this solution uses 2 lists rather than one – will the new solution read the old comments?


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    Alexander Bautz

    You should be able to upgrade by following these steps: https://spjsblog.com/commentbox-for-sharepoint/installation-manual-v3/#Updating_from_an_older_version

    The extra list for storing the subscriptions will be added automatically.

    I forgot to mention that the old subscriptions will no longer work. You could find all items in the comments list sufficed with “:subscription” and move those to the new subscription list created by cBox, but the format of the items in this list is a bit different. Try subscribing to one thread to see the format you must replicate.


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