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    Hi Sir Alexander,

    I have successfully implemented the Convert text fields to cascading dropdowns, but in edit mode of the entry I am not able to update the cascading dropdown list selection. When I change it and save it does not update. Also I notice in the edit mode there is a Version : Published Status : Published and visible to all readers menu above as shown in the screenshot rectangle in RED. We are using Sharepoint 2007. Thank you so much Sir.

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    Alexander Bautz

    This looks strange. I’m not sure, but it may be problems using this solution if you have “publishing features” turned on as adding a CEWP to such a page may result in strange behavior.

    Unfortunately I don’t have a solution to this on the top of my head.


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    Good day Sir Alexander.

    Thank you very much for the response.
    I tried turning off the Office SharePoint Server Publishing, with no avail.


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    Ana Quevedo

    Hi, I am using SP 2010m and successfully set up cascading dropdowns. It works perfectly in NewForm, and I can see it saves the data in list view. However, when I go to Disp or Edit, 1 out of the 5 “dropdowns” populates a blank value – but there was a value assigned (and available). Again, it does display the right value in the list view.

    Another weird thing is that it displays one of my cascading drop downs in the wrong tab (only in disp or edit). When I click on another tab and go back – it moves it to the right tab.

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    Alexander Bautz

    If you use the debug option to make the original input fields visible – does this give you any clues?

    Could it be that you have a rule in DFFS that strips away your value?


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