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      Jeff Law

      (Using DFFS Backend v4.200 | CSS version 4.01 / 4.01 | spjs-utility version 1.1.83)

      I am trying to set the default value for the All Day Event flag in a Calendar list to be true, but when I try, I get the “Unknown fieldType: SPFieldAllDayEvent” alert pop up.

      I have set up a rule on the NewForm page, to trigger when “The form is ready”
      I then try and set the field value for All Day Event to be true.

      Now I must confess that I am not sure what value I should be using for this checkbox. Is it True, true, 1, checked?? However I dont think it is this value that is directly the problem as no matter what I specify I always get the same alert.


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      Alexander Bautz

      The field type mentioned is not supported in the function “setFieldValue”, but you can set it like this in the Custom JS section in the Misc tab like this:


      Hope this helps,

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      Jeff Law

      Hi Alexander,

      Thanks for quick response. Yes that does seem to set the checkbox on the newform. I do notice though that the start and end times still have the hours field available for editing. When manually checking this field, the hour fields disappear.

      However, when I edit the new entry, all is as expected with the hour fields not appearing. So from a functional point of view it works!

      I will continue onto the next challenge!


Viewing 2 reply threads
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