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    I am using the latest DFFS (April 15, 2018) in SharePoint 2013 on prem to create a new cascading dropdown field. I don’t have any custom JS, and just a simple two column cascade.

    When I set the parent column to a known value in the lookup list, there is no response and this error in the console:

    TypeError: a is undefined

    I’ve never had an issue with this setup before, so it makes me think its related to the new update. Any thoughts?

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    Alexander Bautz

    Sorry about that – could you please send me a screenshot of the error message in the console?

    If you could use the Chrome browser and click the link on the error to highlight the section in the code where the error originates from I’ll get it fixed.


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    Travis Goodman

    I’d like to follow up on this, as I have just noticed I am having the exact same issue, however I am only having this problem in FireFox. It’s working fine in Internet Explorer.

    I’m not sure if this is truly indeed the root cause of the problem, but I noticed it when I have a cascading dropdown where the lookup column may have blank values.

    If I move that column to the very top of the cascading dropdown, it doesn’t give me any choices to choose from at all.

    The column in question is a people field.

    I’m also getting XML Parsing Error: not well-formed errors, but I cannot click to see where exactly the error is in the code.

    So as an example, I’ll have the following cascade setup:


    Now the title field has values for all records, but only some records will have values in the associated PeopleField. Instead of showing me the choices of the PeopleField, it’s just not showing me anything at all, which I assume is because some values are blank.

    It’s at this point in the process where in Firefox I get this error: TypeError: a is undefined

    Again, this is not an issue in Internet Explorer.

    DFFS v4.4.2.8
    CCDD v3.6.9

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    Travis Goodman


    My company loads a version of jQuery automatically into our SharePoint sites. It’s 1.11.3, there’s nothing we can do about it.

    I added a line of code in my SharePoint Master Page to load jquery 1.12.4, because I know that’s what you use for DFFS, and I have it at the bottom of the master.

    Out of curiosity, I added console logs in the spjs-casc.js file to see which jQuery version it was recognizing on start. Sure enough, it was capturing the 1.11.3 version and not the 1.12.4 version when it is initially loaded. Bingo, problem found.

    I moved the invocation of 1.12.4 to the <head> of the master page, after the default .js invocations, and I added Defer=”True”, and I removed where I had LoadAfterUI=”true”, I took that piece out altogether.

    Now it’s working perfect!

    My console errors dropped tremendously as well. I’m no longer getting the TypeError: a is undefined at all, but I was getting the XML Parsing Error 3 times all at once, now I’m only getting it 1 time.

    So I still need to figure out why I’m getting even 1 instance of XML Parsing Error, but it’s better than 3, plus my cascading dropdowns are working perfectly again.

    I tested the same console logs to make sure that the 1.12.4 version were capturing on load, and they are.

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    Travis Goodman

    Update #2: DCH, contact me when you return, I figured out the root cause of all of this.

    Alexander, rest easy. This is not something caused by any of your work, it’s from a 3rd party plugin that I believe DCH is also using that was causing the issues resulting in the XML errors.

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    Alexander Bautz

    Thanks for the update – please let me know if you have any more details. What plugin is it you suspect is the cause of this issue?


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