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      Kelly Turdanes

      Hi Alex,

      We are getting “This Took Forever” message every time display, new and edit forms are being loaded. When we close the overlay, the form will just show the normal list form Is this a bug in the tool? We are currently using version

      Thank you.

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      Alexander Bautz

      Sorry for the late reply, can you please hit F12 to bring up the developer console and select the “Console” tab. Then reload the form and let me know if you see any error messages in the console.

      Is this happening in one list only, or in multiple lists?


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      Hi Alex,
      I know an old post but I have the same issue. It does happen randomly but once it happens to an item, we can’t get to display the item anymore.
      Below error in the console:
      Uncaught TypeError: Cannot read properties of undefined (reading ‘hiddenBy’)
      at HTMLTableRowElement.eval (eval at <anonymous> (DFFS_frontend.min.js:1:1), <anonymous>:1:115652)
      at Function.each (JQuery.js:2:2881)
      at n.fn.init.each (JQuery.js:2:846)
      at Object.toggleVisibleFieldsByTab (eval at <anonymous> (DFFS_frontend.min.js:1:1), <anonymous>:1:115497)
      at Object.do_toggleSelectedTab (eval at <anonymous> (DFFS_frontend.min.js:1:1), <anonymous>:1:119073)
      at Object.initSelectedTab (eval at <anonymous> (DFFS_frontend.min.js:1:1), <anonymous>:1:129695)
      at Object.applyRules (eval at <anonymous> (DFFS_frontend.min.js:1:1), <anonymous>:1:224393)
      at Object.loadCustomJS (eval at <anonymous> (DFFS_frontend.min.js:1:1), <anonymous>:1:193763)
      at Object.loadDependencies (eval at <anonymous> (DFFS_frontend.min.js:1:1), <anonymous>:1:195277)
      at HTMLDocument.eval (eval at <anonymous> (DFFS_frontend.min.js:1:1), <anonymous>:1:168851)

      DFFS version: Dynamic Forms for SharePoint v4.4.5.5 – August 08, 2020|CSS version: 4.50 / |spjs-utility version: 1.348|Loader version: v1

      If you could help me figure out what to do would be great!

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      Hi Alex,
      some more info. The error message points to the below function on the code:

      jQspjs(“.spjs_formtable_row”).each(function(i, a) {
      var b = spjs.dffs.getFinFromTr(a);
      if (b === undefined) {
      index = jQspjs.inArray(b, d);
      if (index === -1) {[b] = true;
      if (b.indexOf())
      jQspjs(a).hide();[b].hidden = true
      } else {
      if ([b].hidden && jQspjs.inArray(b, < 0) {[b] = false;
      if (![b].hiddenBy.rule) {
      jQspjs(a).show();[b].hidden = false
      } else {
      if (! && typeof spjs.vLookup !== “undefined” && b.indexOf(“vLookup”) === 0 && index > -1) {
      spjs.dffs.loadTime(“Initiating vLookup on ” + b);
      setTimeout(function() {
      }, 100)

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      Alexander Bautz

      I’m pretty sure this is caused by a problem where a user has copy-pasted the HTML code from an entire form into a rich text field in the form.

      I suggest you try to update to a later version of DFFS to see if it fixes the issue. (I have made an attempt to fix / prevent this in v4.4.5.27).

      If that does not work you must temporarily uninstall DFFS in the EditForm and then use the default SharePoint form to clean up the rich text field to remove the HTML code that has been pasted to the rich text field.

      You don’t have to back up your config – it is not affected by the uninstall / reinstall of DFFS.


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