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      Looking for any assistance in how to use the SPJS Timeline chart. I can set it up and get it working from Google api (code only) but I’d like to get it working with a SP list. I seem to be missing something and I only get errors.



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      Alexander Bautz

      Look at the attached image – let me know if you have any further questions.


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      No matter what I duplicate I continue to get this error message:

      Error: Type mismatch. Value 0Type 2 does not match type number in column index 1

      Title is a text field and listed as string
      AbsenceType is a text field and is listed as string
      FromDate is Date with date only (no time)
      ToDate is Date with date only (no time)

      What am I doing wrong?

      This occurs from a Calendar list or a custom list.

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        Alexander Bautz

        The second field in your chart should be of type “String” and not “Number” – are you sure it is set up as “String”?

        Which version of SPJS Charts are you running?


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