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    Bryan R Babbitt

    Hi Alex,

    I have a case where I only need to show a single tab on load based on a single trigger. I played with the rules, but I would really like for this set of users to just go right to there tab without performing additional steps or clicks. So I set up a link to the new form.aspx?=120&stab=11 then when the page loads I have function that checks this urlstring and if it matches, then it will run a function that hides all the tabs I don’t want to see. E.g.. $(“#dffs_Tab_0”).hide(). This works great. However, if by some chance I need to see the hidden tabs, I set up a function using the $.show() which again works, but when I click on any of those tabs, the form doesn’t update. Can you give me an idea on what I need to change in the $.show() to fix this?


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    Bryan R Babbitt

    Hi Alex,
    Well I got this worked out.. I changed the $.hide()/.show() to $.addClass(TabHidden) / $.removeClass() and it seems to be working as expected now.

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    Alexander Bautz

    I’m glad you figured it out.


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