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      Andreas Blüher

      Hey Alex,

      first of all enjoy your well deserved vacation!

      We got an issue which appears maybe 2 out of 10 times, where the tabs are not formatted as expected.

      This issue started maybe 2 or 3 versions back, but I’m not exactly sure when it started. Our customer started reporting it around the time when the “this took forever” issue started, but that seems to be fixed now.

      Not sure what else I can provide you, since it’s happening randomly.

      Cheers, Andreas

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      Alexander Bautz

      This layout is caused by a problem loading the CSS file /SPJS/DFFS/css/DFFS_frontend.css I think maybe you are using a version where I had left a snippet that forced the browser to reload the file every time and not user the browser cache. Open the form and hit F12 to bring up the console. Type in this and hit Enter:


      If you have a lot of trailing numbers like this July-06-20181532336829845 you need to update the loader file and change it from this (don’t mind the date – if you have another version):

      var dffs_scriptVersion = "July-06-2018"+new Date().valueOf();

      to this:

      var dffs_scriptVersion = "July-06-2018";


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