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    Niclas Hultberg

    Fields that stats with Å, Ä and Ö. If you put that filed on the first tab, field is missing, but if you toggle tabs it shows up.
    There is no problem using Swedish characters å,ä,ö in filed names, it is when it starts with å, ä, ö. Fieldinternalname is starting with _x00… The type of filed doesn`t matter.
    And I am using version v4.4.3.32

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    Alexander Bautz

    This issue was caused by an old snippet in the SPJS_vLookup_frontend.js file where all fields with an internal name starting with “_” would be initially hidden.

    I’ll fix this in the next version, but until then you can fix it by adding this to your Custom JS:

    spjs.vLookup.init_vLookupFields = function (){
    	spjs.vLookup.fields = {};
    		spjs.vLookup.fields[fin] = {"tr":tr,"fin":fin,"disp":tr.FieldDispName,"type":tr.FieldType};


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