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      Ivan Wilson

      One of our DFFS forms is not loading for certain records. It’s affecting the View and Edit forms. We don’t get any errors, but the form never gets past the “loading” screen.

      I’ve tried debugging the code. It looks like it is getting stuck in the spjs.dffs.init function from DFFS_frontend.min.js. Any time I pause the debugger, this is where it takes me to.

      Here is the subset of the code that it breaks on

              if (!spjs.dffs.error) {
                  if ( || {
                      ExecuteOrDelayUntilScriptLoaded(function() {
                      }, "sp.js")
                  } else {
                  setInterval(function() {
                      // This is the line it breaks on
                      jQspjs(".dffs-readonly").each(function(i, a) {
                          b = jQspjs(a).find("");
                          nTd = jQspjs(b).next();
                          e = b.find("");
                          c = nTd.find("");
                          if (e.length > 0 && c.length === 0) {
                              jQspjs.each(e, function(j, s) {
                                  if (jQspjs.trim(jQspjs(s).text()) !== "") {
                  }, 2500)

      Any idea why this would happen?

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      Alexander Bautz

      I have seen some strange issues when someone have cut and pasted the HTML code for an entire DFFS form inside a rich text field in the form. I have made some changes to prevent this in v4.4.5.27. If you use an older version you can try updating your DFFS version.


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