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      Steven Gates

      I have a list which is, at its core, is storing order numbers and the order date. I’d like to setup a single line chart which splits each year into a series, without having a separate list that is used to maintain summary calculations for each desired series.

      The split into series option either I cannot get to work or I’m just not understanding exactly how this should be implemented.

      I’ve worked a little with external JS to define custom aggregates for columns. What I’m wondering is if it’s possible to extend the standard google column aggregates for this purpose.

      For example, I know I’m wanting to use the count aggregator on my columns to display the total number of orders created each month. Is it possible, to customize the default aggregators in a way that I can apply filtering to which data is even included in that specific column before running the count?

      If so, I would then try to create a variation of this for each year I want to display, then add the same column to the dataset of the chart (once for each year) – specifying the individual custom aggregate for each year?

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      Steven Gates

      I’ve been looking through the forum trying to find information or examples of using the ‘split options into separate series’ data type option.

      I’ve added two columns in the basic setup tab, created date for the key which is using a month modifier and a ‘year created’ string column which is set to a SPLIT data type and is being counted.

      In a column chart I’m able to see the individual series however the counts for each are identical and does not split.

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        Steven Gates

        Working with this some more, found out that if I use the sum aggregate on the column at Index 1 in the previous screenshot the counts shown for each series in the chart will be correct.

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      Alexander Bautz

      Sorry again for the delayed answer. Are you trying to create a repeating alert that resets the due date 30 days ahead and “rearms” the alert?

      I haven’t actually used the “loop” option in a workflow myself, but from your screenshot it looks like you may need to move the “then Email…” step up below the “then Pause…” step inside the “Loop window”.

      Also you may need to move the “Add 0 month, 30 days…” below the email step for it to be reset before the loop turns over to check the condition again.

      I’m not sure about this approach, but it’s the best I can think of without having to set it up and test it in a site.


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