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      Tony Bowes

      The install instructions cover adding SPJS-Lookup when you have DFFS loaded via CEWP, but not with the new DFFS loader column.

      I tried loading it at the start of the custom JS by using $.getScript(), but the functions wouldn’t be available to call. However, if I loaded the spjs-lookup.js code directly into the start of the custom JS area, it worked. It seems like a scoping issue that is currently beyond me? It’s working for now (quite well I might add), so it’s not a big deal, but will need to keep the code up to date rather than pointing to the standard location.

      Is there an official way to include the SPJS-Lookup code when using the DFFS loader site column?

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      Alexander Bautz

      When using the JSLink approach, you include this script by ticking a checkbox in the JSLink setup page.


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      Tony Bowes

      Thanks, much simpler and now appears in the DFFS tabs as activated.

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