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      Hi Sir Alexander

      SCENARIO :

      We have main site called domain.com

      domain.com has many site collections example site1.domain.com and site2.domain.com

      Each site has a group name called site1ChartAdmin and site2ChartAdmin respectively.

      My account user@site1.domain.com is under site1.domain.com. I am a member of both group name site1ChartAdmin and site2ChartAdmin.

      In site1.domain.com the chart edit is configured for site1ChartAdmin and for site2.domain.com the chart edit is configured for site2ChartAdmin.

      Now, the issue is that I am able to see the edit (…) in pages with SPJS Chart under site1.domain.com, but not able to see the edit (…) in site2.domain.com although I am a member in both group name.

      PS: These issue I have noticed in v5 and v6, but not in v4.

      Thank you.

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      Alexander Bautz

      It’s the display name of the group that is used. Are the charts part of a site template so that they actually have the “master site” group name saved in the configuration?

      In general I would recommend using the “Password to enter configuration” instead.

      In v4 I think it was the group ID number that was used – thus making it work if the group ID matched.


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