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    Hi Alex,

    Could you assist with a resize issue in the DFFS form. I have attached a screenshot (I have removed tab and field names).

    The form does not seem to resize properly which leaves the tabs and other fields on a single line which requires the user to scroll.

    I am using the latest version of DFFS in IE11 and Chrome version 53.0.2785

    Any help would be appreciated.

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    Found the reason the wrapping is not occurring.

    Their are read only fields with the class “dffs-readonly-inner” which seem to set the min-width before the form is resized e.g. style=”min-width: 1500px” instead of style=”min-width: 500px”.

    As a temporary fix I have added the following CSS:

    .dffs-readonly-inner {
       min-width: inherit !important
    I haven't done much testing and this may cause other issues. I would also like to avoid using !important if the cause of the width is resolved.
    Thanks again.
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    Alexander Bautz

    The width of the dffs-readonly-inner is calculated from the width of the #sbs_FieldTable_FIN – where FIN is the fieldinternalname of your field on runtime.

    Do you have any Custom CSS that sets the width of some of the side-by-side elements?


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    Hi Alex,

    Thanks for the reply, sorry for a late response back to you. You are correct and error was on my side.

    The custom CSS that was already on the tab was:

    .sbs_FieldTable *{
     width:auto !important;
    /* Ensure the tooltip icon won't collapse */

    Which was on added from the DFFS style guide DFFS: Styling

    The fields had only been set to auto and not been given fixed widths later on as your guide steps through.



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