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    Navya Marla

    Hi Alex,
    We are having Issue with the SPJS-Lookup field in the EDIT form when we use
    addYouOwnValue in the configuration.

    for more details about the issue, I am attaching the code script I used and the screen shots.


    1. SPJS-Lookup.docx
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    Tony Bowes

    The field doesn’t look like it is a droplist either, so I suspect that something in the setup is broken?

    NewForm and EditForm are different forms and can have completely different setups. Are both using DFFS or both using JQuery / JS-Utility? Usually SPJS-Lookup will give pretty good error logging (on top of the form) once it has access to JQuery.

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    Alexander Bautz

    I have fixed this plugin so that loading a record in EditForm with a custom value that is not a valid option in the list – with the setting “addYouOwnValue” set to true – will show the field as if you have hit the “Write your own value”.

    You find the file here

    Let me know how this works out.


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    Navya Marla

    Thanks Alex.It really helped us.


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