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      Hi Alexander,

      I’m not sure if this forum is the correct place for posting my problem, but I’ll give it a try.

      My problem is as follows:

      I’m using a New Form with tabs and CCDD and vLookups.

      The purpose is as follows:

      If I select a value in the CCDD the vLookup is automatically refreshed and showing some values which works great.

      What I’m doing now is I added a button to clear the CCDD and the effect should be that the vLookups are empty again but it seems I cannot get this to work.

      I’m successful in clearing the CCDD via jQuery:

      $("#Untertitel_casc option[value='0']").attr("selected", "selected");

      But this seems not to trigger the clearing of the vLookup. However, if I manually set the CCDD to blank the vLookup is cleared correctly (triggered via rule on field change).
      I also tried to call the spjs.vlookup._init method in the button click function but this does not work either.

      Do you have any idea what could be missing here or what I’m doing wrong ?

      Thank you very much in advance.


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      Forgot the Version Info:

      DFFS frontend:
      DFFS frontend CSS: 4.21 / 4.21
      Autocomplete: 1.4.12
      Cascading dropdowns: 3.6.5
      jQuery: 3.0.0
      Lookup: 1.1.5
      Resource management: 2.4.3
      SPJS-Utility: 1.270
      vLookup: frontend v2.2.79


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      Hi Alexander,

      I solved it myself.

      The problem was, that the hidden Text Box in the CCDD is not cleared if you select the empty entry via jQuery.

      The solution was to clear the text of the hidden Textbox via jQuery and everything is working now.


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      Alexander Bautz

      I’m glad you figured it out.

      It might work if you use this line:


      Best regards,

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