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      Melissa Hamilton

      I have a SharePoint list (which we are using DFFS on). On this list I have a Publishing HTML field where we insert the draft of an email to be sent out. In this field when we insert a URL it automatically gets changed to a relative URL rather than the absolute URL. We have added it using the ribbon as well as hot keys. This is not a problem when we are within the site, however when our workflows send the email the relative URL is not going to work. Does anybody know of a way to force SharePoint to leave the absolute URL?

      PS – my current work around is to have them use a tinyurl rather than the absolute url. When using the tinyurl it tricks SharePoint to believe it needs to keep it as an absolute URL.


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      Alexander Bautz

      Sorry for the delay. I’m afraid this is how SharePoint handles URL’s in rich text editors. If you want to have a full URL in this multi line field, you need to use a plain text field instead.


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