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      Can you please explain the following settings, and what values we need to pass?


      Also, like we have the setting, authorCanEdit, is it possible to have something like authorCanDelete? So that authors are allowed to delete their own comments?

      Is there a setting available for “leave a comment” text area to be expanded by default?

      The icon “Toggle notification on new comments” is a bit hidden. Is it possible to bring it out of the line, “Leave a comment” and place it on the same line as “Number of comments”, perhaps align right?


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      Some of these are in the installation guide with descriptions; under the section for ‘configuration options’

      The group/ID is the underlying sharepoint ID number from the user information list. Multiple can be added separated with commas.

      For text area expanded by default – try the ‘textareaVisible’ option

      Author to delete is a question for Alexander, but I can’t see how that would easily be achieved – if a parent comment is deleted then child comments would have no item to hang off. Personally I would stick to the default behaviour – authors can edit to remove all text, but any follow up replies would remain unaffected.
      I’ve not used commentbox-for-sharepoint for a while, but I think it’s also advisable to enable versioning on the list when enabling authorCanEdit so that any posted/removed comments can be audited (depending on your usage case).


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