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      Paul Lynch

      I’ve setup DFFS in my list, just added some tabs and css so far but would love to leverage the vLookup functionality but have struggled with the examples and the setup screen.

      I created two separate custom lists.
      I’d like to simply be able to create child items in one list, from the newform of the parent item.
      I’m using Office 365 SharePoint and latest version of vLookup.
      I have installed dffs on both and vlookup (just added a random column)
      I added columns _vLookupParentID to parent list and _vLookupID to child list
      I am at the Build Query stage now (see screen shot)

      It is the “Prefill values in child” section of the setup instructions that confuses me. It shows a screen shot of the “Prefill values in child” which I cannot see in the Vlookup Tab of DFFS setup.

      I wonder if I need to setup these two custom lists in a specific way. Particularly the child list. Hopefully just need some initial guidance/direction to get me back on track.

      Kind Regards,

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      Paul Lynch

      I guess put more simply.

      Can you join any two custom lists together?
      Or do you need to create a parent and child list?
      Do you need to be able to write scripts to make this solution work? (or at least create the parent and child lists).

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      Paul Lynch

      Sorry Alex, for some reason I missed this page that explains it all very clearly. Please ignore this!

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      Alexander Bautz

      I’m glad you figured it out – and thank you for the beer!

      Best regards,

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