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      Maciek Grischke

      I assume I can’t use Created by filed in DispForm so I created a field called Name and currently using the SPD2013 Workflow to copy Created By name to Name field (SPD Workflow doesn’t start MS Flow when the trigger is Created or Modified), hopefully temporarily.

      Is there a way to set Name field with the current user’s name instead of using SPD Workflow?

      I saw this thread, but it doesn’t seem to work with Author (Created By) column.

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      Alexander Bautz

      You can use Author (Created by) like this in DFFS to insert it into the form (select Add table row in a tab):
      Created by in DispForm


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      Maciek Grischke

      Thanks Alexander. Obviously I had to upgrade DFFS to get the “table row” option.
      It works great!

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