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      Paul Lynch

      Hi Alex,

      I’ve installed the files for latest version in O365.
      – I created a custom web part library.
      – Installed all files.
      – Created a blank web part page.
      – Added CEWP and pointed it to the installer file I uploaded.

      When I load page see attached image P1 (and for a split second it loads and I can see a drop down of all my lists if I click really quickly).

      Then 2 second later, I get P2 and it says it cannot find the DFFS files.

      Any ideas?

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      Paul Lynch

      Note I did not manage to capture the screen shot of the drop down, I was too slow 🙂

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      Alexander Bautz

      Can you confirm that you have this structure on the folders:

      A document library named “SPJS” with a folder named “DFFS” – and inside this folder you find all other folders – like the “loader”, “js” and “installer”.


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      Paul Lynch

      Thanks Alex, all working now, that was dumb!

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