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      HI Alexander,

      I’m copying 3x field’s using a Rule:
      If field Status is changed to Approved, Set field value.
      1. Hours, 2. 1st Approver, 3. 2nd Approver.
      2. Req Hours, 2. Req 1st Approver, 3. Req 2nd Approver

      But I don’t want to blank the designated field if a Requested field has not been filled in.
      Is there a way to only copy the value if the field is NOT blank?

      My Edit Form is attached for more clarity.
      Thanks for your time.

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      I’m not quite sure I follow exactly what you’re doing, but there’s an option in the UI to only set the field value if the destination field isn’t empty. See screenshot.
      Does that help?

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      Alexander Bautz

      Are you trying to only copy it if the SOURCE field is not empty? – if so you will have to use custom js. Try calling a function like this from your rule:

      function copyFieldValues() {
          var val = getFieldValue("YOUR_FROM_FIELD");
          if (val.length > 0) {
              setFieldValue("YOUR_TO_FIELD", val);

      Repeat the code for the other fields inside the function.


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      Thanks Alexander,
      It has worked perfectly.
      Much appreciated.
      $ for Support sent via PayPal.

Viewing 3 reply threads
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