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      Jeffrey Boyd

      Good day,

      I have rules in a sheet I have create, which has three tabs. The rules are that when the trigger field is blank, show only the first tab. And then the trigger field has two options, and depending on the option it would show the first tab and either the second or third tab. When I was creating the rules on the NewForm, it functioned perfectly. When I copied them to DispForm and EditForm, the rules do not perform properly and just display the second and third tab, hiding the first. The first tab is never hidden in the rules, so really not sure what is going on. Any tips or advice would be appreciated!

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      Alexander Bautz

      When you have multiple rules like this on a choice field all of the rules are tested when you load the form or change the selection in the field.

      To ensure only the rule that matches is actually triggered you must check the “No reversing of this rule”. If you don’t, all the non-matching rules will be “reversed”.


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      Jeffrey Boyd

      Thank you for your reply, this worked on my first form where I had one level of choices as mentioned above. But it failed for the scenario below.

      Header 100 has a choice that opens appropriate header for choice.
      Header 120 is opened on choice, but also has a choice option that will open header 180 if option is selected.
      Header 180 opens on NewForm when choice is selected, but when in EditForm or DispForm, it disappears. Only Header 100 and 120 display.

      Any recommendations when you have multiple levels of choices? I was looking at cascading dropdowns, but that doesn’t look like what I need here.

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        Alexander Bautz

        I need to see some screenshots of the rules to ensure I understand correctly, but I think this could be fixed by using the “Linked rules and functions” section in the rule – and also the “Let linked rules evaluate the parent rule on change” checkbox.

        Read about it in the contextual help, and if you don’t get it sorted post (or email me) some screenshots.


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      Jeffrey Boyd

      Unfortunately, I am unable to send screen shots (corporate). But I can give my best breakdown possible since I also am unclear about how to do the linked rules. I did try, but it failed.

      Rule: Blank (15) is the starting point that only shows header 100 and the field associated to it. The trigger dropdown tells it which header to display.

      Rule: CapacityReview (13) is the rule triggered for this example, header 120 was displayed based on the trigger. Within this header there is another trigger dropdown.

      Rule: CapacityCoaching (12) is the rule triggered for this example, header 180 was displayed based on the trigger, I now have header 100, 120 and 180 displaying.

      When the newform is saved, going into the dispform or editform, header 180 disappears in this example. Rule 120 remains after clicking the Disable reversing of all rules. as previously suggested, but I cannot get 180 to display.

      I have similar secondary triggers 3 additional times throughout the rules that are all failing as well. Any help is appreciated.

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        Alexander Bautz

        It’s hard to know exactly without screenshots so I’ll have to set up a test with the same fields / choices as you have.

        To do this I need to know which fields you use in these three rules, and what kind of option (if they are choice fields) they have.

        Please describe for each rule:
        1: The trigger field selected in “If this trigger”.
        2. The operator selected below the triggerfield.
        3. The value selected in “This value”.
        4. The option selected in “Validate on (applies to fields only)”.
        5. The actions that this rule has in:

        • Optional fields
        • Required fields
        • Visible fields
        • Hidden fields
        • Editable fields
        • Read-only fields
        • Visible tabs
        • Hidden tabs
        • Visible headings or elements
        • Hidden headings or elements


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