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      I have a column with a drop down, the rule is if item A is chosen then a column appears. This is only working for certain rules. The rules all have a one item that appears, but the item only appears in a couple of the rules, but the item is left out in the other rules that should have the same column.
      I’ve attached a screen shot so you can see the rules are the same, but Project Lifecycle doesn’t show up in one of the rules.
      Modern DFFS version: 1.0.20

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      Alexander Bautz

      When setting up multiple rules on choice fields you cannot really use the “If no” option to hide fields that are supposed to show in another rule on the same field. This will cause a conflict where the one rule shows the field, but because the other rule evaluates to “No” it runs it’s “If no” actions and immediately hides the field again.

      If you instead on each of the rules both show the correct fields and hide the ones you do not want for each choice option in the “If yes” section you should be OK.


Viewing 1 reply thread
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