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      Hi Alexander,

      Using Rules, when I set a Group ID to read-only, if I have the same fields from that Group ID in another tab, those fields (using a differnt group ID) also become Read-only.

      Attached is animated gif from my Dev site.
      The Rule fires when form is initiated, Read-only tabGroup_111.
      In the first Tab, Group ID 111 added to the Title field.
      In the 2nd Tab, Title field Group ID is blank.
      On the form, both Title fields in Tab1 & Tab2 show as read-only.

      Can you please confirm if this is a bug and if there is a work-around?

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      smaller file attachment here.

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      Alexander Bautz

      I’m afraid this is no bug. The “group id” is only a shortcut for addressing multiple fields in one single line instead of having to select all fields. The rule that makes the field readonly is doing it for that field in general – affecting all tabs in the form. The only way to make it editable is to reverse the action in another rule, or using the default reversing if the rule is not true – for example using the trigger “Selected tab index” to have the rule affect only one tab.


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        Ah I see, it works now.
        I created a new rule for Tab1 and Title field is editable for that Tab only.
        Thanks Alexander.

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