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      Eric Dickerson

      I have a worklog system set up with 2 multi-line text fields:

      Worklog (Plain text, multi line)
      Worklog History (Rich Text- NOT Enhanced, multi line)

      On the Edit form the Worklog history is read only. When a worklog is entered, automation outside of DFFS moves the new worklog into the history field preappending it.

      The client is pasting whole text threads (against my advice) into the worklog… in some cases these records become corrupt and will not allow users into them.

      When I try to recreate the situation in a new list without DFFS, I can not get this corruption to happen.

      If I run automation manually to delete the whole worklog history field, the record will open.

      The two attached screen shots show the load of the edit form… on ones that fail it will hang in the shot that show the form pending for a few seconds… then it will load the error page shown on the other screen shot.

      I have considered removing DFFS from the list as a test to see if it is DFFS related or not. I do not think that it is, because the error always happens before the DFFS loading screen, if the DFFS background and pinwheel show, the form will load.

      I have tested if the read only status of the field is causing it… it is not the issue.


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