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    Steve Tassinari

    I recently upgraded DFFS to and now I can no longer hide a list driven required field until the given selections are made. For example, one combination of selections enables the required field to be auto-populated (reducing keying errors), but another combination of selections should require the field to be updated by the user. I want to hide the required field until the selections are made and display the field either as editable if the user must complete it or read only if it is auto-populated.

    Is there a way to hide the required fields until such time as the user must enter information?

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    Alexander Bautz

    I’m not sure which version you used prior to the update, but this has been “by design” for quite some time to ensure you cannot have a required fields hidden without it being filled in properly – because this would prevent you from saving the form without the possibility to supply a value for this field.

    The easy workaround would be to set the field as optional in the list settings and use DFFS rules to set it as required.


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