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    A few requests for the next vLookup update.

    1. Can you add a toggle to expand or collapse a folder by default in the Add New Folder section?

    2. Can you either make the upload to folder icon permanent or add hover over text on the button?

    3. I noticed that once documents are uploaded into the folder from vLookup, they stay there, even when deleted from the Document Library. I went into the recycle bin and deleted them from there, but I could still click on the edit icon and the Name value to open the document. Is vLookup somehow creating a cache or copy of the document in the config? The only way I could fix this was to delete the folder.

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    So issue number 3 was a metadata issue. vLookup was doing it’s job just fine!

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    Alexander Bautz

    I have added hover over text on the folder buttons, and I’l keep the other requests in mind and see what I can do.


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