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      David M

      Hi Alexander,
      I had an idea with design using hexagons and your SPJS-tiles scripts.
      i’m trying to fool the eye a bit and I cut a picture into 9 squares and am using your script (ive attached a portion of the picture). the 9 boxes are stacked 3 by 3, however there are while lines that surround/pad each box. we want to remove them so it looks like a continuous picture.

      in the .css file there should be a line of code we can add that will make the buffer between each box 0 (then the white lines will disappear). cant seem to find it or add it. or maybe there is another place to look?

      thanks for the help,

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      Alexander Bautz

      I don’t have this solution installed so I cannot test it, but it should be possible to use the developer tools to inspect (right click and select inspect) to see what is causing the border – most likely a padding or margin setting. You can manipulate the CSS directly in the dev tools to see what setting gives the desired layout, and then you make the necessary changes to the CSS file.


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