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      Navya Marla

      hi Alex,

      we are using 3rd party tool(boost solutions) for cascade look up columns as part of our requirments. i want to use those columns in DFFS (in tabs and rules).
      when i trigger rule for read only columns(cascade look up columns) dffs is throwing error.“Unknown fieldType: SPFieldBrandysoft.SharePoint.LookupPro.CascadedLookup”.
      I attached the screen shot also.
      Please give me suggestion to handle the issue.

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      Alexander Bautz

      I’m not familiar with this custom field, but to support a custom field you must define a custom function in “Custom JS” in your DFFS form on this format:

      spjs.utility["getFieldValue_SPFieldBrandysoft.SharePoint.LookupPro.CascadedLookup"] = function(a){
      // Get the field value and return it - see example below

      For reference, this is the format of the default single choice lookup column function:

      spjs.utility["getFieldValue_SPFieldLookup"] = function(a){
      	var f = spjs.$(spjs.utility.data.fields[a.fin]), v = "", type = spjs.utility.verifyLookupFieldType(a.fin);
      	if(type !== "" && typeof spjs.utility["setFieldValue_SPFieldLookup"+type] === "function"){
      		return spjs.utility["getFieldValue_SPFieldLookup"+type](a);
      	if(f.find('select option:selected').val() !== "0"){
      		v = f.find('select option:selected').text();
      		v = "";
      	return v;

      If you want to use it manually, this is the format:


      Hope this helps,

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