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      Paul Selman


      I’m looking for someone to potentially assist in the delivery of a proof of concept for a quotation system.

      Briefly, this would consist of the users being able to associate multiple products with a Specification and potentially multiple Specifications with one Quotation.

      We would need to have the ability to output to pdf to send these quotations/specifications to customers and also to approve each individual specif action, include an acceptance/rejection/opportunity management process and to have a wrapped up value of each quote, which would consist of the value of each associated specification



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      Alexander Bautz

      You can use vLookup to connect the lists, and DFFS to build the form – and then print it to PDF from DispForm (you must have a “PDF-Printer” installed locally).

      Unfortunately I don’t have time to build this for you, but I can help guide you if you give it a try yourself.

      Post question here as you proceed.

      Best regards,

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