Possible enhancement to DFFS handling of fields in rules – any thoughts?

Forums Dynamic Forms for SharePoint Possible enhancement to DFFS handling of fields in rules – any thoughts?

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    I’ve been working with fields in DFFS rules quite a bit recently, and it occurred to me that there might be an improved way to handle the optional/required;visible/hidden;editable/read-only controls.

    Currently you create a new line under each element you want to add, scroll in the dropdown to find the field you want, and repeat. Doing this can be pretty monotonous for large numbers of fields, and quite confusing in terms of knowing how each field is set.

    Would it be possible to present this config in a matrix, fields as rows, and the status as paired checkboxes in columns? See attached image (created here)
    With either all fields shown by default, maybe rolled up under a heading to start with, or in the current format of adding each one from a dropdown as required, but then selecting from the checkboxes.

    Does anyone else think this would help them, and if so, Alexander – would it be simple enough to implement?


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    Alexander Bautz

    Sorry for the late reply. I think this was a good idea and will see what I can do about changing it in one of the next releases.


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    this would be of great help as I am struggling now with having a tab visible only if multiple fields are field. So far I can only get it to run that it is visible if one field is filled.


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      Alexander Bautz

      If you can create a new topic and add a few screenshots of your current rule config, I’ll help you set it up right.


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