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    Dave Davidsen

    Hi Alex, I am new to DFFS and want to use the print button to print a specific tab on my form. I have seen a forum post that says, “You can create different tabs for the print views. You can use rules to “route” the user to the correct tab – either by using a URL parameter and the trigger “URL Query string key equals” or by another rule.”
    I created the tab I want to print but my problem is 1. How do set it to use the Print Button as the trigger and 2. How do you tell the rule what tab to use? (Use the Tab ID in Visible Tabs?).
    Thanks for your help.

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    Alexander Bautz

    I’m sorry for not replying earlier – my inbox sometimes overflows…

    If you enable the print button, it will be visible in all tabs and clicking it will print the active / highlighted tab. You can try adding this to the custom js to select a specific tab when clicking the print button:


    Change “name_of_tab” with the “Tab unique ID” of the tab you want to print.


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