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      Andreas Blüher

      Hello Alexander,

      my customer has contacted me regarding about the (in his opinion) bad performance. I’ve started to collect some data from 2 different servers. Server1 (see the attached files) seems to be way slower than Server2.

      I really don’t expect you do look into the Firefox logs. I added the showloadTime information and across the board I see an at least 50% increased loadtime for Server1 and I really don’t understand why. Ressource wise they seem to be identical.

      As you can see on the screenshot setTimeout with loadConfig takes 4.3 seconds and therefor ~50% of the overall loading time. Could minimizing our custom js code help?

      Thank you already for your support.

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      Alexander Bautz

      Are both the lists you have tested set up relatively alike? – or maybe one use autocomplete, spjs-lookup or have other queries downloading large datasets on load in the one and not in the other?

      You will not gain anything significant by minimizing the custom js, but if you can share with me what your custom code does I might be able to help you tune it better.


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      Andreas Blüher

      Hey Alexander,

      after reading your reply and thinking about an answer I realized that it’s most likely not related to DFFS at all.

      It’s the same list I’m testing against. On browser is running on the SharePoint Server and the other one is a remote machine accessing the server. What confused me is the fact, that processing takes different time spans although the same browser is used on both machines.

      On a related note: I added 2 screenshots and I was wondering if you could tell me when the “slow network detected” message appears, because it’s happening on the server aswell and I have no clue what network it is talking about.

      Any ideas on why the jquery.js from dffs folder could not be loaded?

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      Alexander Bautz

      The “Slow network detected” is a message DFFS shows when it takes more than 6 seconds to load the files. What you can do to see if it helps is to edit the “/SPJS/DFFS/loader/DFFS_loader.html” file and add a script tag referring to jQuery there – like this (change the path to point to the /SPJS/DFFS/plugins/jquery.js file in your site):

      // Script tag to load jQuery
      <script type="text/javascript" src="/sites/your_site/SPJS/DFFS/plugins/jquery.js"></script>
      <!-- DFFS CEWP Loader - April 15, 2018 -->
      <script type="text/javascript">
      This variable tells the script where the SPJS document library is located
      current = the files are in the current site
      parent = the files are in the parent of current site
      root = the files are in the site collection root

      Let me know if this makes any difference.

      Best regards,

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        I just saw this in action today, very nice! I love it! Thank you!

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