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      Keith Hudson

      Alex, I’m trying to pass a DateTime field (date PLUS time) using vLookup. The date is passing just fine, but the time is not. Here are the details:

      1. I’m using vlookup on a custom list form to upload documents to a document library, so the dialog form that is opening is the edit form on the document library, since doc libraries do not have a new form.
      2. I have a Start Date field on my SharePoint list where the action is initiated. It contains date and time. I have added a similar Start Date field to the document library and made sure to set it to accept date AND time.
      3. In the vlookup settings, I am passing the value of Start Date field from the custom list to the Start Date field on the child document library.

      I have tried this using v and v of DFFS and it is not passing the time element of the Date Time field using either version of DFFS.

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      Alexander Bautz

      If I remember correctly vLookup only passes the date and not the time so you must use some custom js. Try adding this to your document library EditForm Custom JS:

      var vLookupParentList = GetUrlKeyValue("parentListGuid");
      if(vLookupParentList !== ""){
          var item = spjs.utility.getItemByID({
              "listName": vLookupParentList,
              "id": GetUrlKeyValue("parentItemId"),
          if(item !== null && item.DateColumn_in_parent!== null){
              spjs.utility.setDateFieldFromDateObject("DateColumn_in_child", new Date(item.DateColumn_in_parent.split("T").join(" ")));


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