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      Paul Heffner

      I need to format a “YYYY-MM-DD OO:OO:OO” date into “MM/DD/YYYY” when using autocomplete. Here is my code but it will not work.

      AC code to set field value:






              “skipifEmpty”: false



      function parseDateFunc(str, fromFIN){

      var r = str   

      var f = a.substring(5,6) + “/” a.substring(8,9) + “/” + a.substring(0,4)

      return f;


      I tried the date example in the documentation but it didn’t work either.

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      Alexander Bautz

      You are missing a + in your code – try it like this:

      function parseDateFunc(str, fromFIN){
          var r = str;
          var f = a.substring(5,6) + "/" + a.substring(8,9) + "/" + a.substring(0,4);
          return f;


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      Paul Heffner

      OMG…so close and i was done in by a plus sign.

      Thank You so much

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