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      Anthony B

      Hello All
      I have a list that is working fine with DFFS except one entry. This item just gets to the error screen sayin g this took forever and I an mot able to view, or edit this entry. Any ideas on fixing appreciated.

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      Alexander Bautz

      This is often caused by someone copy-pasting the HTML code of another DispForm into a rich text field in this list item.

      I have tried to work around this problem in v4.4.5.31 on September 22, 2021.

      If you don’t already have a later version installed you can try updating your DFFS version.


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      Matthew Wolfe

      Hey Alexander,
      I just updated to, as I had users reporting similar behavior in one of our lists. Unfortunately, this did not fix it. Here’s a copy of the error in the console. Can you take a look? I checked for odd characters in the fields, but found nothing out of the ordinary.

      VM246:1 Uncaught TypeError: Cannot read properties of undefined (reading 'id')
          at Object.getCurrentItemSP13 (eval at <anonymous> (DFFS_frontend_min.js:9), <anonymous>:1:22140)
          at Object.configFound (eval at <anonymous> (DFFS_frontend_min.js:9), <anonymous>:1:172995)
          at Object.loadConfig (eval at <anonymous> (DFFS_frontend_min.js:9), <anonymous>:1:166544)
          at eval (eval at <anonymous> (DFFS_frontend_min.js:9), <anonymous>:1:16608)
          at NotifyEventAndExecuteWaitingJobs (init.js?rev=AS%2Bv0UYCkcLYkV95cqJXGA%3D%3D:1)
          at NotifyScriptLoadedAndExecuteWaitingJobs (init.js?rev=AS%2Bv0UYCkcLYkV95cqJXGA%3D%3D:1)
          at sp.js?rev=Th%2BaNIysz0P34BIh1LEEBw%3D%3D:2
      getCurrentItemSP13 @ VM246:1
      configFound @ VM246:1
      loadConfig @ VM246:1
      eval @ VM246:1
      NotifyEventAndExecuteWaitingJobs @ init.js?rev=AS%2Bv0UYCkcLYkV95cqJXGA%3D%3D:1
      NotifyScriptLoadedAndExecuteWaitingJobs @ init.js?rev=AS%2Bv0UYCkcLYkV95cqJXGA%3D%3D:1
      (anonymous) @ sp.js?rev=Th%2BaNIysz0P34BIh1LEEBw%3D%3D:2
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      Matthew Wolfe

      Nevermind… I found the issue. I had attempted to apply DFFS to a custom form someone built using dataview webpart in the browser.

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      Alexander Bautz

      No problem, I’m glad you figured it out.


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