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    Maciek Grischke

    Hi all,

    Is there a way to decline an entry in a number field with commas and to tell the user to use a full stop instead?

    SharePoint converts “14,5” to “145” and I need users to enter “14.5”.

    Many thanks.

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    Maciek Grischke

    I got it sorted via column validation using the following formula:

    =ISNUMBER(VALUE(TRIM(CLEAN([Column Name]))))

    but the column needs to be in a Text format, not a number format. I then use Flow to convert it back to a proper number.

    I wonder if there’s a way of using DFFS. No worries if not.

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    Alexander Bautz

    Add something like this to your Custom JS to replace “,” with “.”:

    jQuery("#dffs_YOUR_FIELDINTERNALNAME input").on("keyup",function(e){
        var str = jQuery(this).val();

    Change “YOUR_FIELDINTERNALNAME” with your field internal name.


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